Rollin Rx

We are happy to announce that moving forward beginning in August, we will be publishing a monthly blog / interview with the "Athlete of the Month" (AOTM).

Rollin Rx - August 2017


Denise Kathryn Rollin aka. Rollin Rx


Denise joined the gym November 2016. She was one of many that came in during the mass GROUPON influx! Although many came and went, Denise came and remained.  Denise’s sense of humour and determination set her apart. Her attitude and open mind made her a malleable athlete. Here are some fun facts about Denise!


What’s your favourite benchmark?

I just fell in love with Karen recently! Although Annie is a close second!


What’s your favourite health food?

Avocados! I know I’m pretty basic saying that, but they’re amazing.


When you crush junk food, what do you crush?

All the salt! Chips, nacho chips, popcorn, and chips.


Your most preferred lift?



What do you like most about the gym?

The friends and community. It has blown my mind with how friendly and inviting everyone has been since joining. 


What was your experience with fitness before Wolvish?

I played soccer my entire life competitively. I only seriously joined a gym less than one year before joining Wolvish. It allowed me to get a good base into fitness, but I wanted to do more and Crossfit always pushes me to do that.


Any big fitness goals before the end of the year?

A muscle up! I don’t even care what kind, bar or rings. I just want to feel the wind in my face being that high up! And competing more!


What’s a typical Friday night look like?

 A glass or two of the bubbly (beer). Hang out with friends and asleep by at least midnight because, “Shatterday” 


What do you do for a living? 

I plan events, but not the fun kind: meetings and conferences for the exciting folks of Ottawa. 


What's the craziest trip you've taken? 

I went to New Zealand for a month in December for Christmas! 


What's your dream car? or spaceship? 

Dream Car is a Gucci Fiat. Hahahaha, totally serious. 


How would you rank yourself in terms of appearance? This is a joke, but totally give me a bogus answer. 

Oh, I'm probably a hard 6/10. 10 being Angelina Jolie though...


Did you listen to the Hansen brothers? Be honest.

I mean, when I was 6 sure, not in the past decade. Are they all even alive? 


Day to day, what’s your biggest struggle? 

To not compare myself to other people, and not screaming at coworkers.


Favourite spot in Hintonburg? 

Tooth and Nail, all the way. And Wolvish, obviously.


Do you have pets?

Some call it a pet, I call her my fur child. A crazy Boston terrier named Rae. 


Favourite Ice cream?

Chocolate chip cookie dough. 


Least favourite ice cream?

Mint ANYTHING. Most disgusting flavour on the planet. Why ruin ice cream with toothpaste flavour!


Does Dave Castro offend you?

He's like the Justin Trudeau of Crossfit. Tough, but fair. Odd fashion sense sometimes (like those god damn corn rows) and likes to throw in a dad joke every now and then that everyone feels obliged to laugh at because it's Dave Castro.


Any closing remarks? People you’d like to thank? Agents? Producers?

Hahaha!! Can I give a shout out to Sam for encouraging me to go in!! She seriously was the one to make me go. Not make me, but like, I talked to her over a few months and she is a huge reason I started going.





...which is why Denise is awesome. Sorry, why do you want a muscle up? 

“ I want to feel the wind blowing in my face…”