At Wolvish, we offer Crossfit, Crossfit Kids, olympic weight lifting, open gym, and upon request, personal training and program design.


The ABC series is a foundations program that covers the basics of CrossFit. Included in these sessions are the 9 fundamental movements, different warm up styles, mobility, and CrossFit methodology. If you are brand new to CrossFit, the ABC series classes are for you. Get familiar and comfortable with the basics, and build some confidence before integration into the CrossFit classes. Please contact Steve ( to schedule your ABCs.

Olympic lifting

Olympic lifting is a specialty class that focuses on the two main lifts: the snatch, and the clean and jerk. These classes are geared towards individuals looking to further develop these two movements. Two words; volume and heavy.

Open gym

Open gym gives people an opportunity to work their weaknesses. There is no formal coaching and athletes are responsible for their own training. **some exceptions apply.


Our CrossFit classes are led by personable, and competent coaches who’s primary focus is to give you a workout experience like no other. Classes consist of a dynamic warm up, a strength or skill piece, and the workout of the day; commonly referred to as WOD.

Crossfit kids

At Wolvish we believe the pursuit of health and wellness should begin at a young age. Through elementary progressions and a fun approach to fitness, we take our kids through a class involving a warm up, a skill set, and a workout. When kids start CrossFit, they are rarely using any weight, and simply get used to bodyweight exercises like push ups, squats, pull ups, and sit ups. As they develop a baseline of strength and conditioning, we slowly introduce technique bars. Weights are kept to a minimum. Safety and fun are the two priorities in our kids program.

Personal Training

Are there things you'd like to work on? Pull ups? Olympic lifts? Personal training is an opportunity for you to sharpen up on your skills one on one with a CrossFit trainer. Email Steve ( to schedule a session.

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